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Want to drive for a company that has your back?

We believe that truck drivers are vital to the security of our food supply chains and we’re glad to see that many others are coming to this same recognition. At Steve’s we’ve built a multi-decade business around treating our Owner Operator with understanding and respect. If you’re thinking about making a change or interested in starting your own business, we’d love for you to consider applying.

 Livestock Transport Livestock Transport

What Our Owner Operators Say About Us

Kemar - Owner Operator

My journey as an owner operator with Steve's Livestock has been both fulfilling and enriching. It's a place where challenges are embraced, skills are honed, and a strong sense of community prevails. If you're looking for a company that values its employees like family and offers opportunities for personal and professional growth, Steve's Livestock is the perfect choice.

Anthony F - Owner Operator

I am a newly employed O/O at Steve's Livestock and must say it has been my best experience with a company in the trucking industry. From the first time I spoke with the recruiter, I immediately felt like a part of the company. Once I arrived in Manitoba for the training I was blown away by the hospitality and professionalism I received from the team. Without question, this is the best teamwork I have seen in any company. Every person that I have met is truly professional, friendly, and more than pleasant to deal with. Steve's Livestock has so far exceeded my expectations, and I would not hesitate to recommend them as the best company to work for.

Want To Stop Worrying About Next Month’s Income?

When you’re an Owner Operator, everything comes down to you and your rig. If you’re not on the road, then nobody eats. However, if you’re always playing the game of feast or famine, it’s impossible to plan for your family’s financial future. As a business owner, you need to know you can plan for 12-months of income. Steve’s is one of North America’s largest commercial livestock transportation companies and we have our Owner Operator working steady all year round.

 Livestock Transport Livestock Transport
 Livestock Transport Livestock Transport

Ready To Feel Fully Supported By Your Company?

The trucking game is never easy, nor did you become an Owner Operator expecting a fluffy gig. However, living in a state of frustration and feeling isolated on the road is no way to live. As Owner Operator ourselves we understand the challenges of the road and we do everything in our power to have your back. Whether it’s friendly and knowledgeable dispatchers, driver-centric company policies or clear and transparent payment processes, the only thing you need to focus on is safely delivering your cargo.  

Ready To Work With People Who Keep Their Promises?

Steve Brandt started this company over 30 years ago because he wanted to have his values of integrity, honesty and hard work reflected in the world. Since then nothing has changed except our growth and success. At every level of our company we demand full accountability and honesty in everything we do. Simply put, we say what we mean and mean what we say. If you do us the honour of joining our team as an Owner Operator you can always depend on us to keep our promises.

 Livestock Transport Livestock Transport
 Livestock Transport Livestock Transport

Do You Want To Spend Quality Time At Home?

The freedom of the road is why so many of us drive trucks in the first place. Yet, there has to be a balance of time on the road and home time to ensure you and your family have a high quality of life. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck in your rig eating the same fast food, trying to hit your numbers so you can pay for a house you never see. If you’re driving 28-days a month in order to hit your revenue goals, burnout isn’t just possible, it’s inevitable. We know that home time is as essential as road time to an Owner Operator. We work with you to ensure you’ve got quality time with your loved ones as well as a steady income. 

Why Drive With Steve’s?

Join Steve’s Livestock Transport for flexible scheduling, rewarding career opportunities, and great benefits. Steve’s Livestock Transport offers drivers stability, purposeful work, and the ability to enjoy being out on the road and spending time at home. We are a Top Fleet Employer and have been recognized for our commitment to safety and driver satisfaction.

Peace of Mind When It Comes To Your Revenue

Consistent and Predictable Work So You Can Have a Life Outside The Truck

Supportive Team That Always Has Your Back

Do You Want To Build A Business and Spend Time At Home?

Max Earning Potential 

Able to run all lanes?

  • Mileage fleet: Average 2.86 to 3.18 per running mile (includes all pay items and based on fuel surcharge of $0.46-1.62/mile)
  • $0.05/mile Quarterly Safety bonus

Stability – Work All Year Round 

As part of North America’s vital food supply, you’ll always have work to do. This isn’t a seasonal job although we can accommodate operators who would rather work less than full-time hours. Otherwise, consider yourself fully booked 12-months/year. 

Home Time 

As fellow Owner Operator, we truly understand the significance of predictability and consistency in your work. We get it – you don’t want to carry a photo of your home just to remember what it looks like! Being an excellent driver means finding that perfect balance between life on the road and life at home. Rest assured, we’ve got your back. We’ll ensure you have the opportunity to savour the rewards of your hard work. So, no need to worry about missing out on the comforts of home – we’ll make sure you get to enjoy them!

Who You Are 

You’re someone with grit who thrives in a highly physical environment. You’re someone who lives by your word, acts with integrity, is a flexible problem solver, will represent the company well with customers, cares for the animals, is open and honest, has an unstoppable work ethic and is resilient when facing tough loads and cold days. If this is you, we encourage you to apply today!

Our Process From The First Call To Your First Paycheque


Before you even submit your application, we will spend time with you to make sure it’s a good fit. From calls with operations managers and current operators to a ride-along so you can get to know the animals, we invest time so that you’re confident this opportunity is for you. 


Our application process is simple. If you’re ready to apply, we’ll walk you through the process. 

Compliance and Training

Once your application is approved, we will conduct a pre-employment road test. In addition, we’ll train you with our animal care and transportation protocols. Once complete, we’ll get you started with your first lane and schedule!

Our Story

When Steve Brandt founded Steve’s Livestock Transport in 1987, his vision was to make a living and support his family while working in an industry he was passionate about – and to do it in a way that would align with his core values and his faith.

From that young entrepreneur and a single truck and trailer, Steve’s Livestock Transport has grown to become the largest commercial livestock carrier in North America – and a leader in the transportation industry. Through nearly three decades of growth, the company’s vision has expanded but has always stayed true to the values that started it all.


We offer the option between two pay structures (mileage or revenue based) for our Owner Operators. For more information on our pay arrangements, take a look at our Lane options. Our Owner Operators are averaging $2.76-3.08/mile across all our terminals.

We will work with you to meet your mileage expectations! On the Owner Operator fleet, we require a minimum of 8,000 miles monthly but have many drivers running 12,0000 miles or more in a month. Our recruiting team works with you to understand your needs coming on to the fleet – we know it’s not ‘one size fits all’. Open board availability and flexibility with your schedule help us to maximize your mileage potential!
We require drivers to run on a weekend rotation of one in four. This is scheduled a whole year in advance. You are welcome to trade your weekend with another driver if they would like to! Keep in mind, that some lanes require trips that will overlap with weekends to ensure we are meeting your mileage expectations.

To be licensed on our fleet, tractors must meet the following specifications:

· Wheel Base: Maximum 244″

· Fifth Wheel Height: 46-48″

· Weight: Maximum 20,000 lbs (9,071 kgs) full of fuel

· Front bump: Minimum of 6 inches of ground clearance

· Pre-emissions or functioning emissions system. Cannot be deleted.

· Must be able to run an ELD

Our process is outlined here, get started today by reaching out to us at 1-800-667-8869 or by filling out our Quick Application Form.

Yes! We provide new drivers with 5-weeks of in-cab training. Experienced drivers (more than 1 year OTR) will be partnered with an in-cab trainer for 2-weeks to train on Animal Handling.

Owner Operators are only required to provide a tractor that meets our specifications. Company trailers are used for all loads at no cost to the Owner Operator.

We’d be happy to discuss that option with you! Additional drivers and tractors must be pre-approved by the company and will go through our standard hiring evaluation process. We have multiple Owner Operators who successfully run with additional tractors and drivers on our fleet.

Yes! We have a quarterly safety bonus paid out to all drivers who meet eligibility criteria. We pay the bonus out to drivers who are incident/accident free, citation free and who aren’t speeding in the quarter. An at-fault accident would forfeit 100% of the bonus for a quarter.

We have 24/7 Logistics support! You will have a dedicated Dispatcher during business hours and access to our on-call dispatch team after hours so you always know who to reach out to.

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