Steve’s Livestock Transport

Real People. Real Work. Real Purpose.

Livestock Transport

Steves Livestock Transport Truck

Steve’s Livestock Transport customers can be confident knowing that our drivers are well trained in animal handling practices and are Transport Quality Assurance certified. 

Wash and Biosecurity

With two locations in Manitoba and another in Alberta, we specialize in industrial-strength cleaning for livestock trailers. Wash it yourself or let us wash it for you!


We provide a multitude of repairs on heavy equipment including safety inspections, hydraulics, suspensions, transmissions, and more!


Our expanding fleet of convertible freight trailers are specifically designed to haul LTL, partial loads and full truckloads of dry freight.

Driver Training

Our program offers comprehensive instruction and hands-on experience to prepare individuals for a successful career in the transportation industry.


Steve's Livestock Transport Truck

Constantly exploring new technologies and innovating new processes so we can remain competitive and drive progress in our industry.

Our Story

When Steve Brandt founded Steve’s Livestock Transport in 1987, his vision was to make a living and support his family while working in an industry he was passionate about – and to do it in a way that would align with his core values and his faith.

Drive With Us!

If you are looking for purposeful work, love being on the road and are eager to contribute to one of today’s most important industries as a part of a company that truly cares, join us! 

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