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Want to drive with a company that has your back?

If you live a life on the open road, you know it’s no Sunday picnic. That’s why you want to drive for a company that understands the challenge of being a truck driver and has built a reputation around supporting their drivers. At Steve’s, we have over 30-years’ experience in the transportation industry and we’ve built our company by treating our drivers with understanding and respect. If you’re interested in a career as a truck driver or changing lanes to a company that will have your back, we’d be honoured to work with you.

What Our Drivers Have To Say

Tanya T

Steve’s Livestock has a great work environment and good benefits. As a woman and a new driver I have benefited from their accepting workplace, excellent driver training program, and Owner/Operator business support. Working with livestock is hard, dirty work, but steady miles, good compensation and support make it worthwhile.

Blaine M

In summary, my journey with Steve's has been a remarkable one. I've gone from washing trucks at Blue Water Wash to being a company driver, and I owe it all to the company's unwavering support and belief in its employees. If you're looking for a place where your dedication and hard work can truly make a difference, Steve's is the place to be.

Looking for consistent earning potential?

Hauling livestock across this great country is incredibly vital and rewarding. However, it does come with its unique set of challenges. Working for an employer who values your dedication and hard work is essential. Ensuring a steady and dependable income makes the journey even more enjoyable and satisfying. The support of a consistent, year-round paycheque not only brings financial security but also peace of mind for both you and your loved ones. Embracing the freedom of the open road while knowing you have stable earnings makes the entire experience truly fulfilling.

 Livestock Transport Livestock Transport
 Livestock Transport Livestock Transport

Do You Want Quality Time At Home Too?

The life of a truck driver is different from the average 9-5 job. Our office is on the road and we get paid to deliver livestock from point A to point B. But like everyone we need to have time at home to spend with our families and friends. Making enough money to pay the bills is great but not if it comes at the expense of never being at home. Drivers need a balance between home and the road or we’ll burn out and so will our families. At Steve’s we work with you to make sure you have ample time at home as well as a great paycheque.

Want To Work For People Who Truly Value Your Safety?

Steve’s safety is a bedrock, non-negotiable part of our culture. We place the safety of our drivers, our vehicles and the animals in our care above everything else. This begins with your training where our certified and experienced trainers and coaches prepare you for every eventuality on the road. But it doesn’t end there. From the moment you step foot onto our facilities and into our vehicles our team is dedicated to your wellbeing. Our safety record is one of the best in the industry and we take pride in knowing that we go the extra mile to make your job as safe as humanly possible. 

 Livestock Transport Livestock Transport

Why Drive With Steve’s?

Join Steve’s Livestock Transport for flexible scheduling, rewarding career opportunities, and great benefits. Steve’s Livestock Transport offers drivers stability, purposeful work, and the ability to enjoy being out on the road and spending time at home. We are a Top Fleet Employer and have been recognized for our commitment to safety and driver satisfaction.

Year-Round Employment

Consistent Work And Home Life

We’re Real People Who Actually Care

 Livestock Transport Livestock Transport

Have You Always Wanted To Start A Business

Through our Shifting Gears program, we provide you with a pathway from company driver to owner/operator. From mentorship and training, to helping you buy or lease your own truck, we’d love to help you begin the journey of running your own business!


Interested in Exploring Life Outside the Cab?

Look, we get that not everyone will want to drive forever. There comes a time in many truck drivers’ lives that we want to explore life off the road. With Steve’s group of companies you can explore a non-driving career in operations, human resources, sales or even as a driving instructor. Of course if you love the job and want to continue driving we also have Roadmaster, a professional driver development program to keep you elevating skills and abilities.

Our Process From The First Call To Your First Paycheque

Step 1 - Pre-Application

Before you even submit your application, we will spend time with you to make sure it’s a good fit. From calls with operations managers and current operators to a ride-along so you can get to know the animals, we invest time so that you’re confident this opportunity is for you.

Step 2 - Application

Our application process is simple. If you’re ready to apply, we’ll walk you through the process.

Step 3 - Compliance and Training

Once your application is approved, we will conduct a pre-employment road test. In addition, we’ll train you with our animal care and transportation protocols. Once complete, we’ll get you started with your first lane and schedule!

Who We Are

When Steve Brandt founded Steve’s Livestock Transport in 1987, his vision was to make a living and support his family while working in an industry he was passionate about – and to do it in a way that would align with his core values and his faith.

From that young entrepreneur and a single truck and trailer, Steve’s Livestock Transport has grown to become the largest commercial livestock carrier in North America – and a leader in the transportation industry. Through nearly three decades of growth, the company’s vision has expanded but has always stayed true to the values that started it all.

Who You Are

You’re someone with grit who thrives in a highly physical environment. You’re someone who lives by your word, acts with integrity, is a flexible problem solver, will represent the company well with customers, cares for the animals, is open and honest, has a strong work ethic and is resilient when facing tough loads and cold days. If this is you, we encourage you to apply today!


We pay mileage for driving plus flat-rate pay for additional load items such as loading/unloading or scraping out the trailer. Our Company Drivers are averaging between $0.55-0.88/mile (all pay items combined).

We will work with you to meet your mileage expectations! We require a minimum of 7,000 miles monthly but have many drivers running 12,0000 miles or more in a month. Open board availability and flexibility with your schedule help us to maximize your mileage potential!

We require drivers to run on a weekend rotation of one in four. This is scheduled a whole year in advance. You are welcome to trade your weekend with another driver if they would like to! Keep in mind, that some lanes require trips that will overlap with weekends to ensure we are meeting your mileage expectations.

We hire drivers of all experience levels! Please reach out to our Driver Recruiter to inquire about current openings.

Our process is outlined here, get started today by reaching out to us at 1-800-667-8869 or by filling out our Quick Application Form.

Yes! We provide new drivers with 5-weeks of in-cab training. Experienced drivers (more than 1 year OTR) will be partnered with an in-cab trainer for 2-weeks to train on Animal Handling.

Yes! We have a quarterly safety bonus paid out to all drivers who meet eligibility criteria. We pay the bonus out to drivers who are incident/accident free, citation free, stay within speed parameters and stay under our goal idle percentage. An at-fault accident would forfeit 100% of the bonus for a quarter. We also offer an annual winter scrape bonus to recognize those challenging months!

We have 24/7 Logistics support! You will have a dedicated Dispatcher during business hours and access to our on-call dispatch team after hours so you always know who to reach out to!

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