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Steve’s Livestock Transport Ltd.

Pork Industry Award 2016: Presented in recognition of continuous pursuit and exceptional implementation of cutting-edge technologies to ensure the highest standard of animal care and biosecurity in Manitoba’s livestock transport industry.

Steve’s Livestock Transport is being honoured this evening because this company never stops raising the bar for humane animal handling, safe transport and on-time delivery in the North American livestock transportation industry. Simply put, this company has dedicated itself to creating value for their customers and ensuring the success of the livestock industry.

In the years since Steve’s Livestock Transport began in 1987, the company has expanded to become the largest commercial livestock transportation fleet in North America. Their locations in Manitoba and Alberta also host their commercial washing and large equipment repair service facilities.

Steve’s has been a key industry partner over the last several years in reducing the risk of spreading viruses, in particular PEDv. Steve’s has developed and maintained strict disease risk management protocols to provide safe and humane transport of livestock in a bio-secure environment. Without access to Steve’s, our industry likely would have been devastated by these nasty bugs.

Steve’s continually pursues innovative methods to improve livestock transport, investing millions of dollars into new technology and renovations at their facilities, including the introduction of undercarriage washing and industrial-strength baking bays for livestock trailers. The company has developed a water loading trailer and a system that mists animals with water on hot days while also pushing hot air out of the trailer. As well, in conjunction with Wilson Trailer Company of Sioux City, Iowa, Steve’s has developed and is testing a hydraulic lift deck livestock trailer designed to reduce animal stress and lessen the risk of injury during loading and transporting, which ultimately improves meat quality. In fact, this ground-breaking trailer won Steve’s Livestock Transportation the 2016 Aherne Prize for Innovation at the Banff Pork Seminar in January.

Manitoba pork producers pride themselves on providing humane and respectful treatment of the animals in their care, resulting in a high-quality, environmentally sustainable food supply. We simply could not achieve this goal without an industry partner like Steve’s Livestock Transport. Please join me in thanking and congratulating Steve Brandt, who is accepting this award on behalf of the company.


Presented to Steve’s Livestock Transport Ltd. by Mike Teillet, Manager of Sustainable Development, at the Manitoba Pork Annual Banquet, April 13, 2016





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